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About Divine Lashes & More

I’m Mayra Alejandra, owner and founder of Divine Lashes & More, a company that I love and with which I found my true passion, just at the moment when I felt that my life needed to take a different direction.

The feminine beauty is an Art and discover that the eyes are really  the frame of our face and to others that a look is much more powerful than a thousand words; it led me to concentrate Divine's raison on giving our clients the possibility of taking with them a perfect expression 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Currently you will also find different services such as Semi Permanent Makeup, Facial Therapy and Wax.

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Now let's talk about Training ... there they say that one thing leads to the other and that’s true! Being the best-known Eyelash Extensionist in the area where Divine started, it led me to become an Eyelash Trainer. Currently I travel to different cities in the United States and some countries in South America with a team of professionals who support me, we give private and group classes.

Now a days, I’m convinced that each person I have trained not only has a true knowledge of the art I teach, they have also learned that everything you really want can be achieved and that it is worth fighting for your dreams, no matter how many people do the same as you, whenever you believe in yourself, do it with love, passion and discipline, you will be recognized, you will achieve your goals and you will obtain success.

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